Join Dr. Navaz Habib on your Journey to Improved Energy

Dr. Habib has gained back his youthful energy, lost 75 pounds and overcome various health challenges. Through the Challenge he will share tips and clinical pearls to do the following:

  • Make small, sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle to improve your energy each day for just 2 weeks!
  • Wake up feeling excited about taking on the day, every day!
  • Get through a full day without needing a nap or that afternoon snack.
  • Learn how to get the most restful sleep of your life.
  • Take on a simple dietary change to improve your blood sugar, aid in weight loss and improve your stress systems!

What to expect during the Challenge...

  • A dietary challenge regarding WHEN to eat and WHAT to avoid
  • Recommendations for limiting screen time and exposure to excessive light for better sleep
  • Small changes in your bedroom to ensure that sleep is restful
  • Tips to make meals more enjoyable and keep your energy up throughout the day
  • ... and Motivation to help keep your eye on the prize!